Troubleshoot:Convert a column of numbers into Alphabet characters Error

Convert a column of numbers into Alphabet characters

Hello All,
I would prefer to use functions if possible.
I need to converts a column of numbers in to alphabetical characters.
In each cell there are numbers ranging from 0 to 999 999.

I want to replace each number 1 with A, 2 with B, C with 3.....9 with I and 0 with J.
Eg: in cell A1 the number 233450 convert to BCCDEJ.

I have tried using Replace, Choose and the concatenate, they work partially.

Thank you for your help.

Keys to the Problem Convert a column of numbers into Alphabet characters

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I think you will need a UDF to do what you want...

Function NumAlpha(S As String) As String
  Dim x As Long
  NumAlpha = Replace(S, 0, "J")
  For x = 1 To 9
    NumAlpha = Replace(NumAlpha, x, Chr(64 + x))
End Function

If you are new to UDFs, press ALT+F11 to go into the VB editor, click Insert/Module on its menu bar and then copy/paste the above function into the code window that opened up.
That's it.
Go back to your worksheet and use NumAlpha just like a built-in function...


If you failed to fix it, another option is to call Microsoft and walk through the process with a technician. To do this, dial "1-800-936-5700". Explain the error that you received and the steps in the update process during which it was displayed. The technician will be able to walk through the steps from getting a new product key to finishing the installation.

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